Friday, March 27, 2015

NSPS Announces Winner(s) of Earle J. Fennell Award

In honor of Earle J. Fennell, ACSM President 1966-1967 and ACSM Executive Director 1968-1971, ACSM created this award to be presented for distinguished educational contributions to the surveying and mapping profession. Persons who have worked in any aspect of surveying and mapping education may be nominated. The nominee may or may not be a professional educator, but should have a sustained record of superior performance in surveying and mapping education for more than ten years at the local, state, or national level.

Subsequent to the ACSM/NSPS merger, NSPS continues the tradition of presenting this award annually.

The seven (7) member judging committee has decided that the 2015 award should go to two equally qualified, and deserving, candidates. They are John J. Doody, LS/PE, long-time educator in Connecticut (currently serving as part-time faculty at Central Connecticut State University), and Kurt B. Wurm, Ph.D., P.L.S., Associate Professor –Surveying Engineering, New Mexico State University.

NSPS extends its congratulations and sincere appreciation to John (Jay) and Kurt.

ALTA/ACSM Question

Our title blocks have a signature block which we utilize for any survey plan that warrants a signature.  We have received a request to sign and place our seal directly below the ALTA certification, in addition to the title block seal. There is not really a good reason to say no, other than the extra ink and minute to sign, but is this an ALTA requirement?


Some states regulate exactly where the seal and signature needs to go; ALTA/ACSM doesn't specify, but logically it would go somewhere in the vicinity of the certification. I personally don't think it matters; the signature and seal cover everything on the plat/map, including the certification wording, but I have no doubt that some lenders would be picky!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

POB Top 100 to be Highlighted at MAPPS/NSPS Conference

Ever wondered where a company ranks among others in the geospatial market? In an effort to answer that question, POB magazine is conducting a surveying and mapping market study that will include the first-ever ranking of the top 100 companies based on total geospatial revenue for 2014.

Monday, March 23, 2015

NSPS explores “one-call”, “miss utility” systems

Are “one-call” or “miss utility” systems adequately serving the surveying profession?  That is the subject of a study NSPS is launching.  A brief questionnaire has been developed.  Input from NSPS members in all 50 states is requested.  Take a few moments and share your knowledge and experience.  To complete the questionnaire, click here.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Did You Miss the NGS Webinar on 'GPS on Bench Marks Campaign'

On March 5, NGS held the webinar “GPS on Bench Marks” to inform constituents about the campaign being held in conjunction with National Surveyors Week (March 15-21). More than 400 people participated. The webinar took place on a day when the Federal Government was closed due to heavy snowfall in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and all moderators and presenters were remotely connected.

For more information, contact:

More information about the campaign at:

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jay Inslee, Governor of the state of Washington, has officially proclaimed Land Surveyor's Week!

Jay Inslee, Governor of the state of Washington, has officially proclaimed that the week of March15-21, 2015 will be......
  Land Surveyor's Week!
Click the link below to view the governor's proclamation.  

Friday, March 13, 2015

NSPS PAC launches 'Jefferson Club', plans April 14 dinner

The NSPS Political Action Committee (PAC) has created the “Jefferson Club,” a group of committed and dedicated NSPS members who contribute $500 per year to the NSPS PAC. Jefferson Club members are provided special benefits, including free admission (PAC contributor and spouse) to an event in April in Washington, DC, during the NSPS-MAPPS joint conference. That event is a special dinner on Tuesday, April 14 at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington, DC which will also include members of the MAPPS PAC “Inner Circle” and special guests from Congress.
To join the Jefferson Club, please complete the on-line form. On that form, indicate “PAC Fund” on the drop-down menu for “Fund:” and contribute $500 or more.

Notice: Please make your contribution on a personal check or pay by credit card. Corporate contributions are prohibited by law. U.S. citizens only. Contributions to the NSPS PAC are not deductible as charitable donations on Federal income tax returns. Authorized by NSPS PAC.

You can send a personal check (payable to NSPS PAC) to the NSPS headquarters office, NSPS, 5119 Pegasus Court, Suite Q, Frederick, MD 21704, or pay by credit card by calling: 240-439-4615, ext. 112.  Pledges for installment contributions will be accepted.